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mReader 1.01

mReader 1.01 is now ready for download. You can download both the JAR and the JAD file. Note that I don't think the Jad file I supply will work directly with the Sun Jar->JRC PalmOS converter. As with the previous version, point your wireless device's web browser to to download it using OTA.

Changes in this version:

  • Feed support attempts to be really generic, so most RSS and similar formats should work (any RSS version, RDF, etc).
  • More tolerant to RSS feeds. You should never get an empty list of feeds anymore.
  • Formatting of basic HTML commands (ordered / unordered lists, paragraphs, line breaks) and &..; pairs.
  • Threading, hence progress windows for feed downloads.
  • Revised and improved menus to make feed navigation easier (Note that the UI has been tested on the Sun wireless toolkit default emulators, the UI may be a pain on your individual device, if it is, tell me whats wrong).
  • Out of Memory Error handling so you know if a feed is to big to view.
  • Feeds are now sorted in alphabetical order.
  • You can delete a feed from your feeds list.
  • Importing an OPML twice will no longer create duplicate entries in the feed list.

Things that are still annoying:

  • Still No progress bar on importing an OPML.
  • 50 entry limits still apply across the board.

All my testing has been done on the default emulators supplied by Sun with their Wireless toolkit, and the Nokia 7210 and 6310i emulators.

If you have any problems or feedback please email me.

Posted by Mark at August 23, 2003 10:32 PM