I’ve gone Pro!

  1. The community features are brilliant, the more I have played with Flickr, the more I see just how valuable groups are.
  2. Geotagging in Flickr is an absolute pleasure – it’s such a slick implementation it blows Zooomr’s implementation to pieces and it’s fast fast fast which is an added bonus!
  3. In fact, the entire Organizer in Flickr is so slick its pleasurable to use.
  4. I have never, ever, ever received timeouts from Flickr. The site just works.
  5. Its so cheap its laughable, especially given the $-£ exchange rate at the moment.
  6. [Updated] Exposure. So many more people will see my photographs on Flickr.
The only thing I am absolutely dreading is moving all my images posted to Zooomr into Flickr. As far as I can tell there is no way to export metadata from Zooomr, and no way to import it into Flickr. This sounds similar to the comments that Thomas Hawk wrote way-back-when when he wanted to transition from Flickr to other photo sharing sites. This is the type of thing that photo sharing sites should be offering out of the box, now. Shame on both Zooomr and Flickr for not making this easier, especially Flickr as they are so big and have the resources available to solve this problem if they really wanted to. #

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