Your hard drive capacity has increase. This is NOT an error.

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  1. Mun says:

    It’s a pretty stupid error message. No user action is required, and it only ends up causing confusion. There’s actually an interesting post about error messages that was just posted on CodingHorror –

    This error is caused by the Dell OpenManage software. Usually occurs if you plugin an external hard disk when the PC is turned off. I don’t think the software does anything critical, so I removed it, and have been free of this error ever since :-)

    In recent times, Dell has improved on the amount of junk it installs (and is nowhere near as bad as HP), though there’s still some way to go.

    There’s a good tool called ‘PC Decrapifier’ which helps to get rid of the rubbish in one go, rather than having to go through each uninstall process manually.