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I’ve gone Pro!

I decided that it was time to purchase a Pro account on Flickr. No, I’m not abandoning Zooomr. At least not yet. Thankfully, because jUploader can post to Zooomr and Flickr I will continue to cross-post to both sites, however I will not be doing things such as geotagging my photos on Zooomr. What inspired [...]

Project 365

I’ve decided to join Project 365. It’s a Flickr group. Each member of the group has to take one picture, every day, for one year. Here’s Day 1. Photo’s will be taken with one of my cams, either the EOS 350D, FinePix F650 or a cameraphone. Lets see if I can keep this up for [...]

Zooomr and My Tags

Hmm I wonder whats up with Zooomr. Ever since Version 2.0 was released, all my tags bar about 30 dissapeared and no matter what I tag with, no new ones get added. I zMailed Kris about it about a month ago but haven’t heard a whisper back. Ohwell.