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Using GMail with Windows Mobile 6 IMAP

If you are a software engineer then most likely you subscribe to a number of email lists, or get regular daily / periodical email updates that can clog up your email inbox.  Also most likely you use Outlook, connected via POP to download your email, and have a myriad of rules that move messages into [...]

Your hard drive capacity has increase. This is NOT an error.

Helpfull, this. So, why exactly are you bothering me with this dialog that I can only Cancel? I’m not going to even start to go into what is wrong with this error message and how it could confuse new computer users. Hooray for leased computers and the junky software that is installed on them.

Windows Vista on an Alienware Area-51 m5550

I have been using the RTM of Windows Vista on my Alienware since it was released to MSDN in November ’06. Generally, everything has gone smoothly, however there are a few problems. As I find the solutions to these problems I will post them up here for the benefit of others. The official Alienware support [...]